Meet Our Team

Thomas D. Thies

Andrew Murphy


A critical component of the Enterprise Optimization methodology is our team of Experts-in-Residence.  With this team we have brought together elite business people from wide-ranging market segments, leaders in business with a desire to share their expertise and experience. Our goal is to have an environment that engages both our new business leaders and our more experienced colleagues, encouraging them to share ideas and explore paths that might not be discovered without input from both sectors. The Experts-in-Residence roll up their sleeves and take an active role in the businesses.  They are coaches and act as a sounding board for the companies’ leadership teams regarding personnel, customer, supplier, competitor, financial and other matters, while sharing wisdom and advice regarding managing and growing the businesses.

Steven Cox

Frank Murphy

Jason Frisvold

Brett Guarrero

Colonel Nicholas B. Kavouras (USAF, Retired)

Peter Kohutanycz

Don Koscheka

Lisa Meade

Terry Reeves

George Sass Jr.

Dr. Art Sedighi

Rich Stern

Sean Field