Our Portfolio Companies

All Fresnel Growth Capital, LLC companies provide essential services in established markets. Technology development and intellectual property developed for these companies have uses that often exceed the scope of the businesses they were designed to serve. Business models used to create FGC forward-looking financial statements do not rely upon liquidity events or exponential growth for any one company in order to realize projections.
Our portfolio approach to investment allows us to spread risk across our core market segments.
We are actively involved in the following segments:
  • Fintech
  • Media
  • Data Analytics and Distribution Systems
  • Software Innovation

What Does Fresnel Provide to its Portfolio Companies?

  • Leadership and Experience
  • Management Oversight
  • Experts-in-Residence
  • Funding
  • Compliance and Legal
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Support
  • Technology Development
  • Exploration of Synergies
  • Each company operates as a unique entity with a dedicated management team

Learn More About Each of the Fresnel Portfolio Companies

Founded: 2016

Digital Latitude Solutions specializes in monetization of a unique knowledge base and business relationships within the consumer products industry. Collectively, Digital Latitude consulting, data analytics and brokerage services help retailers, brands and marketers alike, identifying shopper insights, while maximizing the potential of each product as a profit center.

Founded: 2020

Torus Global has officially introduced Torus Rails, an entirely new fin-tech infrastructure. Torus Rails links the disparateworldwide transaction infrastructure through a unified rail system. Torus Global is leveraging the team of experts, technology, and intellectual property of its portfolio to quickly create solutions to existing obstacles within the global payment infrastructure.

Founded: 2020

Perpetual Sports Network brings together athletes, colleges and universities, partners, and sponsors for the benefit of all. Founded by former players and coaches, Perpetual Sports Network focuses on Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities, and links together a Block Chain Smart Contract Platform, an athlete management division, and a full-stack Content Hub with exclusive insights into the most compelling athletes now and in the future. Coming together as a singular solution creates value and revenue by protecting all stakeholders and helping athletes with turnkey opportunities to monetize their NIL.

Founded: 2014 (sold, relaunched 2016)

Emergent International Payments Systems is coupled to VISA Prepaid International, a significant distribution partner across multiple countries, with mobile-enabled money transfer services in the Europe-to-Africa trade corridor. Emergent currently distributes prepaid products in the African countries of Madagascar, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, with additional markets opening. Emergent is also working aggressively to become a key player in the Europe-to-Africa remittance market.

Founded: 2009

Tring Live Media presents a scalable ad platform by monetizing the air waves within a brick and mortar environment, at the point of purchase. At its core, Tring is a growing national radio network, enhanced with mobile-enabled digital media channels. Working with The Fresnel Companies, Tring Live Media is moving toward the technical and infrastructure developments to make it the premier Omni-channel solution for today’s Smart Store—a collection of credible, mass media channels that engage the consumer  and provide quantified data analytics to the vendor.

Founded: 2017

XMed is a community and socially focused health and wellness app and web platform, designed to streamline effective communication between users in a community, as well as influencers, wellness experts, motivators, coaches, trainers, and doctors and other healthcare professionals. As a one-of-a-kind social network, XMed will be uniquely positioned to be the go-to platform for health information, symptom checking, remedies, telemedicine, compliance, fitness training information and videos, and more. XMed also provides a vendor marketplace where influencers can sell unique health and wellness products and users can learn about XMed-branded product solutions, including PPE, and essential health, wellness, and fitness products.

Founded: 2019

Blue Creative Group is a full-service marketing and strategy agency formed by a team of content, design, and business development experts.  The team is focused on creating engaging solutions and compelling messaging for client brands. The company merged with Sand People Communication in May 2022. Clients partner with Blue Creative Group and Sand People Communication for these innovative strategies and a relentless pursuit of producing the best work. Blue can work on one project or employ a mix of our services to develop opportunities and produce results.

Founded: 2018

Cipherium holds proprietary applications suited for block chain, crypto currency, network security and all point- to-point payments applications, including fraud prevention, with a patented suite of products.

Founded: 2018

Under Cipherium, HarborX, a cryptocurrency solution based suite of products and concepts, is designed to eliminate the most common risk associated with synthetic currency: the loss of access to private keys, which enable crypto users to store and retrieve their own currency. The first HarborX solution helps randomize, store and reassemble for future use, stored keys  through Cipherium’s regenerative authentication methods.