Investment Criteria


The Fresnel Growth Capital fund (FGC) targets control investments through acquisition or investment in early-stage companies. We specifically seek companies whose products and services have a pre-existing market demand, yet as a standalone entity and without our collective expertise, their growth remains flat. FGC identifies opportunities that will import complementary attributes into our portfolio of companies and centralized service structure, and delivers cash flow to provide our investors a priority return. This path allows us to leverage scalable innovation, industry-specific expertise, and dedicated resources pooled from an established management and services structure. Our criteria allows us to bring investors in for growth opportunities during the pre-revenue or early revenue stages, as opposed to allocating our investors’ dollars for proof of concept required for the startup stage.

Target Sectors

Our main focus is in areas where Fresnel collectively has more than 50 years of experience of creating value for investors and management. FGC specifically focuses on four primary segments:

  • Fintech
  • Media
  • Data Analytics/Distribution
  • Software Innovation

Our structure allows each portfolio company to thrive, yet is engineered to bring in expertise from overlapping areas of other individual companies within the FGC portfolio, optimizing synergies and exploiting the collective knowledge base. This is designed to drive overall fund value and returns.