The world increasingly runs on cashless transactions.

A global economy driven largely by remote transactions during a pandemic is showing growth potential in areas affected by possible regulatory changes as new technologies facilitate business without sacrificing security. According to Fortune, markets to provide payment systems are shifting rapidly in light of political and social environments. The article dissects a roundtable discussion with representatives from fintech and investment banking, all sharing their thoughts on the impact of transaction fintech on future opportunities. Mobile technologies impact the whole range of transactions, from enhanced access to goods and services bought through payments from an ever-growing range of accounts to ensuring creditworthiness.

Fresnel portfolio companies Emergent International Payments Systems, Cipherium, and Torus Global create opportunities in these markets. Emergent develops payment systems through cards and digital channels to serve unbanked and underbanked populations and build trust in nascent economies ripe for growth. Cipherium creates new layers of security for cryptocurrency management. Torus Global offers next-generation fintech services while coordinating the needs of banks, financial services, and payment companies to leverage value while solving challenges presented by legacy transaction systems. Read the Fortune article.