Perpetual Sports Network and Venuetize have partnered to create a Content Hub for collegiate athletes to help monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). Perpetual Sports Network, a Fresnel Companies portfolio company, is implementing a three-part strategy that will come together as a single, integrated solution to protect the athlete, build their future, and provide athletes with the new NIL opportunities. A content hub will be connected to Perpetual Sports Network’s proprietary blockchain smart contract platform, a key component to protecting the athlete, providing secure levels of transparency, and additional elements of compliance tracking for colleges and universities.

On the first day that an athlete signs with Perpetual Sports Network, the Perpetual Sports Network’s Content Studio will kick off a content plan that includes robust video storytelling produced by its team of action sports and documentary experts, long-form journalism stories that are unique to each athlete, and social-media content that will share the collegiate experience of each athlete with an audience. At the heart of the Content Hub is the mobile experience platform developed and maintained by Venuetize. Employing Venuetize’s extensive experience developing mobile platforms for specific teams, leagues, and venues, the Perpetual Sports Network app is designed to host the unique content within a subscriber channel. Subscription revenue then flows to the athlete via the company’s digital ledger platform. The guidelines of the digital ledger are pre-loaded to parallel any legal, college, or university regulatory parameters as well in an effort to reduce any additional hinderance on athletic departments.

This mobile experience is designed to allow for the organic integration of paid ads and sponsored content, delivering yet another channel to generate revenue for the athlete, or collegiate institution. Additional media revenue channels include events, email campaigns, third-party audience purchasing plans, and a consumer-facing, fan-centric website. Creating a media enterprise around the athlete versus creating a platform to aggregate the athlete specific content allows Perpetual Sports Network to build lasting value for an athlete, and create a more engaged audience.

The multi-channel media approach makes the athlete the brand, creating a community around them, including their professional organization and educational institution.

“Coming together with a singular solution bridging technology and unique studio-level content will create value by protecting the athlete, building their future, and providing turnkey opportunities to monetize their NIL within the rules engine of the final legislation,” said David Glynn, Perpetual Sports Network president. “Working with Venuetize allows us to couple their mobile development and strategy teams to our platform engineers and content specialists immediately. This creates value for both the athlete and our investors on day one.”

“We are incredibly pleased to be involved in this new opportunity to help student athletes benefit from their Name, Image, and Likeness”, said Jon Romm, CEO and Founder of Venuetize. “Through this new partnership with Perpetual Sports Network, we are able to expand upon use of our platform which focuses on personalization, contextual awareness, and e-commerce. This mobile-first content hub will enable student athletes to drive deep levels of interest, engagement, and ultimately commerce, that they will benefit from for many years to come.”

About Perpetual Sports Network
Professional basketball player and coach Reggie Jordan, and sports industry veteran David Glynn founded Perpetual Sports Network to focus on Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities. The company’s technology and veteran content teams have combined a Blockchain Smart Contract Platform, a full-stack Content Hub, and a Subscription App. Bringing together these assets as a singular solution creates value and revenue by protecting all stakeholders—athletes, colleges and universities, partners, and sponsors—helping young people play an active role in building their future, and providing turnkey opportunities to monetize NIL. 

About Venuetize
Venuetize is the leading mobile technology and advanced e-commerce platform for the sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries. The company’s mobile platform integrates with existing venue infrastructure to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising and information, and other applications that improve and innovate the guest experience. Founded in 2014, Venuetize works with professional sports teams, stadiums and arenas, casinos, entertainment districts, and shopping destinations throughout North America. For more information, visit Venuetize.

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