Healthcare technology companies have attracted VC attention in Q3 2020.

Digital technologies are finding their way into the health and wellness industries and venture capital investment is leading the charge, according to Pitchbook. Pharmaceutical companies, medical practices, drugstores, and even gyms and spas are looking to accommodate the demands of patient-driven care with better patient-engagement solutions, data-driven decision-making through software that provides data collection and analysis, and improved records management. Digitization yields benefits such as helping organizations comply with regulations, reduce costs, improve care delivery, and reach new markets. Fresnel Growth Capital is exploring some interesting possibilities in this expanding sector—contact us to learn more.

Cited in the Pitchbook report are VCs’ increased investment, to $2.1 billion in Q3 2020. The activity is mostly taking place in North America, where more than 80 percent of the VC funding is concentrated. The sector has closed 263 deals totaling $5.2 billion YTD, beating last year’s value and approaching the number of deals.

Read the report preview from Pitchbook here.