Payments infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and getting value into the hands of consumers will all be keys to the future of fintech’s next generation.

Anyone looking for growth opportunities in fintech need search no further than technologies that allow consumers to access the value held in cryptocurrencies more readily, according to an article on The B2B Payments article, “Laying the Groundwork For ‘Fintech 2.0’ With Digital Assets” outlines a number of points as reasons for this, but topping the list is that a number of governments throughout the world are exploring proprietary state-backed tokenized assets or stablecoin.

Fresnel Growth Capital companies are well represented in this market already. Torus Global applies its Torus Rails global technology solution, to provide a network of networks for infrastructure support to banks and financial institutions. And Emergent International Payments Systems works with entities, including municipal governments, to implement E-pay solutions and issue payments cards. Also, Fresnel Portfolio company Cipherium adds a full slate of blockchain security expertise and experience.

According to the article, “One of the biggest use-cases among adopters so far has been in the payments and remittances arena, with another camp of clients wielding the technology to use digital assets as a means of stored value for trading.”

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