Blue Creative Group has been working with Gevo, Inc., a publicly traded innovator that makes advanced renewable fuels, to develop its message since mid-2019, when the company was targeting a market of airlines setting passenger records with its sustainable aviation fuel. Fast-forward to 2020, when the pandemic has caused governments to discourage travel and people are self-isolating. Blue dialed in the content, producing videos, whitepapers, and blogs to highlight Gevo’s efforts to develop even cleaner net-zero carbon fuels for all transportation needs, as well as showcasing the agricultural innovations the company encourages that have resulted in higher yields per acre of field corn. “The message from Gevo has been consistent since we first met with them,” says Jason Wood, content director for Blue Creative Group. “This company has a great story of innovation to tell, and the key economic drivers make more sense than ever now that disruption is the rule, rather than the exception.” Learn more at and