Blue Creative Group has partnered with Venuetize, a technology platform for smart space solutions that lets visitors capitalizes on mobile technology to enrich their experience. Blue Creative Group, a marketing-services agency in the portfolio of The Fresnel Companies, is helping Venuetize tell its story to potential clients with enhanced digital and video content. But it’s more than that. Because Blue Creative Group seeks to elevate relationships by looking for connections across a broad and diverse client base, the services Venuetize offers in its mobile platform will fit a range of programs, enhancing and improving the guest experience at stadiums and arenas, urban entertainment districts, and events.

“Venuetize improves the journey of event visitors from the moment they leave their homes to the end of the night when they pull into the driveway,” says Andy Hawk, partner at Blue Creative Group and senior VP for client strategy. “The full integration of their ticket can assist every step of the way, from route-planning to seamlessly locating their seats to finding the right snacks and concessions along the way. Blue clients are already considering innovative ways to make the most of these services.” Venuetize offers custom solutions, so the innovation fits the task at hand. And because the platform is centered on the fan experience, the simplified access to information and services is a natural fit for many business models.