Terry Reeves

Terry has consulted within the litigation support space since 1993. He worked as a production operator for Night Rider Overnight Copy Service, which was eventually purchased by Alcoa Holding Company. He experienced every aspect of the litigation lifecycle and in 2001 he became the founding officer of Elite Document Technology, one of the fastest-growing service providers in the southern United States serving clients nationwide. Throughout his career, Terry has primarily focused on business development & consulting. He has applied his expertise on numerous large cases involving complex electronic-discovery matters, litigation holds, information governance and digital-forensics matters.

Terry understands the trends driving the legal technology community and continually evolves Elite‚Äôs practices, operational models and culture accordingly to stay ahead of the curve. Elite Document Technology’s award-winning approach guides clients effectively and efficiently through the entire litigation life cycle.

Elite Document Technology along with Elite Depositions was voted as “TEXAS’ BEST” provider of Computer Forensic, eDiscovery, and Court Reporting Solutions by Texas Lawyer Magazine for the 8th consecutive year, along with being recognized on a national level through corporate publications. Terry has enjoyed success in the merger & acquisition of four companies over the past 15 years.